Monday, October 11, 2010

Re-re-regreasing the wheel.

Right, the colds!

Like it could be avoided. I'm in New York now, everyone! Taking the subway to work again. Shopping at corner markets with suspiciously cheap produce. Living in an apartment that doesn't allow cats, but apparently admits rodents free of charge. ("Better a mouse than a rat," to quote a brilliantly optimistic friend.) Enjoying twenty degree shifts in temperature every other day. I'd say a cold was inevitable.

I'm not even going to complain, because I've had worse. (Once, where my sinuses never even felt infected, but my nose ran constantly for a month... let your imagination do the dirty work.) Still, between that and the assault of other sudden changes in the past few weeks, I'm pretty run down. New York City is amazing - even for Amanda, who has zero interest in night life and is too busy reading manga on the train or plugging her eye sockets directly into her laptop to go out and just socialize, already - but if all I have the energy to do is cook, then cook I shall.

Even if cooking is limited to a very burnt grilled cheese sandwich. At least the soup on the side isn't from a can.


Judy Lubetkin said...

Well, it's about time that we had a new installment from you! New York should hold quite a lot for you to write and turn a good phrase about. I keep telling you, a book, a book, a book a novel and a cookbook! You have so much talent.

Sheryl said...

I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for a new season of Amanda vs. the world to be released!! And, as expected, its been worth waiting for. Keep writing, ABB!! Not only is your ability to string words into sentences remarkable BUT your experience of those little events that make up each of our days is so visceral that it makes me wonder what I'm missing in my own travels.

LorraineS said...

Judy & Sheryl have said it all! You have an amazing talent!