Saturday, December 27, 2008

Keeping it short - last night's dinner.


My dinner last night: pasta topped with sauteed hijiki, onions, garlic, and enoki mushrooms. I got the idea from a cookbook I bought recently, "vege dining: 野菜のごはん" ("vege dining: vegetable meals"). It's actually based on a popular Japanese blog (and yes, the site is in Japanese - and yes, there are lots of pretty pictures, so if you're really that bored, feel free to click regardless), and boasts meat-free, quick to make, low-calorie meal ideas, which are generally the three things I look for in my dinner, so the real question is, why haven't I bought the sequel yet?

But anyway. It wasn't half bad, for a dish that looks like it has a five o'clock shadow. And with that mental image firmly entrenched, would anybody care for the recipe?

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